Whenever anyone is looking for something in my house, there is always a pile that we have to go through to find it. This is not to say we are messy people, but rather we collect things and seldom discard what we no longer need out of fear of needing it again in the future. These piles can be found in the kitchen, on a desk, in a cabinet, or even a bedroom closet. These piles are often communal, but sometimes belong to one individual and never anyone else. As a family, this had become a way of life. My mother always had a pile of mail, various bills, and store coupons on the kitchen counter that never becomes out of control, but never seems to disappear completely. This is an exploration of the various piles found in my home, narrating who we are as people by exposing where we have been, the things we have done, and the things we collect and deem important. Home is where things pile up.